For Birth, For Earth

Bellies & Bundles is St. John's hip maternity and baby boutique specializing in trendy maternity clothing and natural baby products. With a comprehensive selection of unique, high quality, environmentally-friendly products, Bellies and Bundles is a place where shopping for expectant mothers and babies is a peaceful, satisfying experience.

Owners Lesley Reid and Ashley Russell have carefully selected products based on style, function, sustainability, non-toxicity, and fair trade practices. We are proud to support several local businesses, and carry a varied selection of products made in Newfoundland & Labrador and Canada.

With our extensive product knowledge and friendly service, you can feel comfortable knowing that our primary goal is to assist you in making the perfect purchase decision. Visiting Bellies and Bundles means a pleasant, serene shopping experience in a child and stroller-friendly environment. Shop in style and, if necessary, relax in our cozy nursing corner.

The Owners

Lesley Reid - Lesley is a laid back environmental engineer   and mom of Lyla and Nelson. Blending her green thumb with her organizational skills and number crunching she is continuously looking for new ways to "green" our boutique. Through her caring nature Lesley provides expecting moms with a peaceful, enjoyable shopping experience and loves to talk about products that work for her family.

Ashley Russell - Ashley's love of adventure, outgoing personality and creative flair are complemented by a helpful, positive and caring attitude. She is excited to put her small business, environmental marketing and public education experience to use in providing her valued customers with exceptional products and customer service. Ashley has two children, Adia and Elliott, and loves to share stories about them.

Our four little children are happy to spend time in their mommys' store and charm anyone who comes in for a browse.

As best friends, Lesley and Ashley have always shared many of the same interests and values, and now owning a business together and raising our families together has brought us even closer. We've watched our bellies grow together and now our little ones as close as we have always been.

We are delighted to offer stylish, funky and eco-friendly options that will help mothers-to-be look and feel great!

For Earth

At Bellies & Bundles we aim to make every aspect of our business as green as possible.

We've minimized the use of paper. When printing is absolutely necessary we use 100% post-consumer paper. We contact customers through email and telephone and choose electronic format for bills.

Don't forget your reusable shopping when shopping at Bellies & Bundles! If you forget it's okay, but we always ask if you need one first! As an alternative to plastic bags, we are happy to provide brown bags made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. We also offer customers the option to have clothing carefully bundled and tied together using our simple cotton twill, further reducing the need for packaging!

In addition, we reuse our boxes for storing supplies and find creative and new uses for old items. Many items in our store have been refurbished rather than buying new. Even our display crib - which is made from old hockey sticks! - was Lesley's husband's crib when he was an infant! And, of course, we recycle anything that cannot be reused.

At Bellies & Bundles we encourage our customers to donate any gently used items that mommy and baby have outgrown and no longer need. There are many families in our community that would appreciate gently used clothing, toys, and accessories.